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Create your impact to contribute to Indonesia tech digital growth with

Feedloop Fellowship

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Bootcamp, mentoring, and internship opportunity are also waiting for you!

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About The Program

Digitalization is growing so fast. The high advancement of technology has enabled people to bring their business or organization to the next level. Feedloop aims to participate in this positive environment by spreading the knowledge about technology through Feedloop Fellowship 2022. Feedloop Fellowship is a scholarship program by Feedloop with the aims to build an inspiring community of IT talents that contribute to Indonesia's digital growth. This program gives a 3-month intensive training with the expert in the industry, creating a market-ready application, and inviting students or those who have a keen interest in the tech industry to participate in the professional world. Develop your skill and contribute to Indonesia's digital growth with Feedloop Fellowship 2022.
Registration is open now!

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Meet The Mentors

  • Ahmad Rizqi Meydiarso

    Ahmad Rizqi Meydiarso

    Chief Executive Officer (CEO) - Feedloop

  • Riza Fahmi

    Riza Fahmi

    Co-Founder - Hacktiv8 Indonesia

  • Sofian Hadiwijaya

    Sofian Hadiwijaya

    Co-Founder - Warung Pintar

  • Fathurozak Buhari

    Fathurozak Buhari

    Engineering Manager - Feedloop

  • Dewi Febriyanti

    Dewi Febriyanti

    Product Manager - Feedloop

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Event Timeline

  • Registration

    11 Feb - 18 Mar 2022

  • Screening

    21 Mar - 25 Mar 2022

  • Main Program

    5 Apr - 3 Jun 2022

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The 10 scholarship grantees will receive benefits as follow:

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5 Million Rupiah as support money for the duration of the scholarship

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1 on 1 mentoring with our tech lead

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Internship opportunity at Feedloop

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Co-ownership for the app they develop using QORE


Students interested in tech industry, with qualifications below :


Vocational School majoring in Software Engineering (Rekayasa Perangkat Lunak) or related educational background


College Student Active students from Computer Science or any related educational background


Anyone who has interest in technology and have the will to learn from the age of 18 and above.

All registrant are required to follow Feedloop Instagram and LinkedIn account

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Join Telegram: bit.ly/Join-FeedloopFellowship2022

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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