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Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI)

Generate Comprehensive Customer Analytics and Personalized User Experience

Customer Analytics and Engagement in Mobile Application

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Background Story

The ministry has a national movement program for startups: #1000StartupDigital. The program selects a number of potential founders to run startups coached by professional experts and mentors. In batch 4 in 2020, Feedloop became one of the ministry's national partners to transform 12 digital solution ideas into products.


What AIXP presents

AIXP provides Bank BRI to journey funnel analytics and re-engagement approaches to increase application conversions of BRI Ceria. The AIXP combines and tracks customer data from various online touchpoints to obtain fruitful customer behavior and marketing insights. In addition, AIXP assists Bank BRI in the utilization of push notification reminders as the re-engagement strategy.



The utilization of AIXP helps BRI tracks more than a million customers and achieves enormous conversions for BRI Ceria application, 16 times higher than before AIXP.

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