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The most comprehensive platform for a better understanding of your customer experiences to enhance customer lifetime value.

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The utilization of up-to-date data and information is critical to improving customer lifetime value. In order to help you obtain real-time customer insights, Feedloop provides you with AIXP a powerful customer engagement and user retainment platform for your customer behavior and journey.

Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics

Reliable insights are a derivation of reliable analytical processes. To provide you the ability to develop an accurate customer journey and engagement automation, AIXP uses analytics as its core foundation.

Integrative Approach

Integrative Approach

Many empirical studies mention the positive impacts of the omnichannel strategy an integrative approach, but companies are still struggling with the implementation. By taking this into account, AIXP brings an effortless channel integration directly into your door.



AIXP puts personalization forward by building a system with abilities to track, measure, and analyze specific data and information. The more specific the insights, the closer you are to the accurate customer personalization.

Powerful foundation to optimize your business process


Several practical advantages of AIXP utilization

The emphasis on channel integration leads to a better understanding of customer segments and behaviors.

The advanced tracking and analytical tools improve the data qualityand enable precision marketing.

The strong priority to integration facilitates omni-channel customer journey tracking.

The compatibility to develop a centralized customer database facilitates personalization marketing strategy.

The experience and personalization approach increasing the possibility of customer retention and loyalty.

Automation of customer engagement increases overall productivity and resource efficiency—for example, marketing costs.

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