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Leadership Team

Muhammad Ajie Santika

Muhammad Ajie Santika

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Ahmad Rizqi Meydiarso

Ahmad Rizqi Meydiarso

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Ronaldi Kurniawan Saphala

Ronaldi Kurniawan Saphala

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Who We Are

Digitalization is all around us. It allows businesses to unlock the possibilities to grow faster than before. However, some may think that digitizing a business requires too much effort behind its success. Feedloop understands the hassle you may encounter, so let us be your companion during your rocky road in digitizing business.

Founded in 2018, Feedloop is an Indonesian tech startup that provides products to help enterprises transform their business into digital.

Feedloop provides a no-code application platform and a customer engagement platform as building blocks for digitalization. It enables innovation delivered swiftly, makes businesses more agile, and equips companies with powerful tools to build market-ready apps or serve as the core of your business operating system.

Feedloop Creed

Our Culture

Our culture defines how we collaborate with each other to achieve our purpose.

We strongly believe that happy team members lead to a positive environment for a company. Thus, our working policies focuses to maintain team members' well-being while working with us.

Freedom to work from anywhere,Thus, with 70+ team members across Indonesia, we implemented remote working policy to give our team freedom, flexibilty, and autonomy to explore their potential.

Focuses on personal growth,Feedloop aims to grow, so we want our team to grow with us as well. We have a clear path for our team growth, so we seek a fast learner to add to our team.

Culture of praise In Feedloop, we recognize every single success that our team achieves. That is what motivates them always to do better.

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Feedloop provides a no-code application platform. Move business to digital rapidly.



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