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Interactive campaign experience

Convert your users from aware to interested using campaigns that leverage interactivity

Interactivity that matters

Create interaction not only to create excitement, but also to boost your business goals : personalized product recommendation, recruitment funneling, and many more.

Customer research without hassle

Insert profiling question when they interact with your campaign and gather better insights about your users

Build hype around your brand

Easily create interesting quizzes and survey with shareable content for guaranteed virality

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Kunto Wiyoga

Feedloop has the potential to disrupt how activation campaigns are made, not only from speed and cost point of view, but it will generally change the way agency and brand work together

Kunto Wiyoga — Strategic Group Director, Panenmaya Group

Beautifully crafted. Without a single line of code.

Create engaging quizzes, survey, and forms. Just point-and-click to add interactivity into your microsite.

Input text field
Drop down
Multiple choice with images
Variable assignment
Customized ending page
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Salman Subakat

Feedloop will change the pace of creative innovation within brands.

Salman Subakat — CMO & Owner of Paragon Technology and Innovation (Wardah, Makeover, Emina)

Get inspired from their use case

From creating an engaging (and viral-guaranteed) quiz like Shopee Liga1, to helping Paragon Technology and Innovation funnel their recruitment process using our personality test template, Feedloop can help your brand achieve what matters.


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