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Feedloop offers an insight gathering platform to power-up your customer experiences.

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Helping companies deliver the best customer experiences through engagement and insight.

In this data driven world, it is important to know and understand your customers and audience. Feedloop helps you engage with your customers in interactive way to gather insight about them.

How We Improve Your Business


Feedloop XM

Capture, gather, and analyze your customer journey in your product to measure their experiences using NPS which helps you optimized and boost your business through insight, then enables you to take the decisive action to improve the experience.

Feedloop IX

Build a more engaging audience with interactive content that Feedloop provides. Feedloop IX can help you make new experiences for your customers through personalized interactive experiences.

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Feedloop XP

A personalized data platform to identify your campaigns made with feedloopIX. We provide a means to collect customer data from multiple campaigns. With rich visualization, you’ll get thorough insight how well is your campaign doing, also you can create and understand segments better based on demographic and psychographic information of your customers and then use this segments to distribute or target customers.

What They Say About Us

Salman Subakat

“ Creative innovation within brand Feedloop will change the pace of creative innovation within brands “

Salman Subakat — CMO & Owner of Paragon Technology and Innovation (Wardah, Makeover, Emina)

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